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To whom it may concern:

We have had your software for about a year now, and we are vey happy.

When we received Geopath/MazaCAM, we only had Mazaks in the shop. Having your software significantly cut down on our programming and set up time. Previously, we had to figure out the radius and angles with a calculator and paper. This is now in the past. Now the software does it for us and what used to take hours in done in minutes! It also helps us with our quotes in figuring out cycle times which is another big time saver.

Recently we bought a Haas lathe and mill for the shop. With MazaCAM we are able to take our Mazatrol programs and convert them to G-code for use on the Haas and vice versa. We had no trouble at all with this. This has saved us untold hours. Our programmers on the floor were only familiar with Mazatrol so running the Haas would have been quite a project without the conversion feature of MazaCAM.

The support has been very good and over-all your product has increased our production and efficiency tremendously.


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Steve Alderson
ModForm, Inc.


For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.