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Before I had the software from SolutionWare, I was using 3 different software packages for different machines that I had in my shop. Now, I use the GeoPath and MazaCAM software package and everything that I need and use is consolidated into one software package.

As a result, I can go from nothing, to drawing a part and programming it in about 1 hour. My cycle times are down now. It has really improved the process as I go. I have saved time and money on set-up time, programming, prove-out time and running the part. This has significantly shortened my lead time.

I can’t say enough about the customer support. Aaron has helped me a lot. Great guy,very professional. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the software, and as Dave Ramsey says, “has the heart of a teacher”, so you really have a good understanding when he’s done.

Bryan Fox
Memphis, TN


For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.