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Dear SolutionWare,

I really, really like SolutionWare’s software -- MazaCAM. Since we have a Mazak, a Fanuc control and a Fadal it makes it really easy to convert back and forth between all of them.

Being able to interchange between the Mazak and the Fanuc is what I like. It’s a thousand times easier. Before, with our previous software, we were doing programs line for line that were literally two-three thousands lines long -- and that’s not fun, especially if you have to edit it.

The one thing I like the most, which is the most benefit to me, is not having to stand over the operator at the machine while I’m writing codes. I just program it, hit “M” and it regurgitates the code.

I can do the parts quickly. I’m seasoned at drawing parts and modeling. However, what I’ve seen is an appreciable cut in programming time of at least one hundred percent. Programming off-line rather than having to do it at the machine is responsible for the huge reduction in time.

For instance: I’m drawing a three inch part that has to be bored out. When I’m done and ready to put it out there, all I have to do it save it and send it out. The transitions are smooth -- we don’t have any hiccups.

And while I’m at it, your tech support is top notch!!

Having MazaCAM has definitely influenced us in purchasing another Mazak. What really influenced me was MazaCAM’s ease of programming. We actually have a brand new Mazak sitting right here -- just got power on it two days ago.

We also have a big Kia machine. Just got a three inch screw hole and we’ve struggled with the G-Code and all that. With the Mazak, you just do it on the fly -- on the machine. And the same on your software, we post right to it, it’s easy to understand and it’s easy to do.


Jeff Slagle
ELEIT Technology Inc.


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