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Dear SolutionWare,

I prepare all of the quotes for our jobs using MazaCAM. I can just program right at the computer, do a tool path and it gives me all my tools and times—it’s really beneficial that way.

Actually, because MazaCAM has made it easier to program the Mazaks, production has increased and we have just recently talked about the possibility of buying a larger Mazak horizontal mill. Having MazaCAM has definitely influenced this decision. So, it looks like buying another Mazak may be just down the road.

Right now we have five Mazaks and essentially we use MazaCAM for everything we do on them. I store all of my Mazatrol programs in MazaCAM and do all of the program editing with it. This cuts out a lot of wasted time of standing at the machine and programming line by line.

MazaCAM really comes in handy if I’m doing an arbitrary shape that I don’t really have a drawing for. Also, it really has been beneficial in teaching the guys how to use the Mazak machines—it’s simplicity in programming and very user friendly.

We do really well with it. We don’t have any complaints.

Tech support has been extremely helpful. We’ve developed a pretty good (businesswise) relationship. Tech support knows us, including the history of all the things we’ve done. They have really been helpful.


Jon Filomeno

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Manager / Engineer
Eagle CNC Machining Inc.


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