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Dear SolutionWare,

I use MazaCAM to communicate back and forth from my lathe to my computer and also to store programs on it-it works great for that.

I would say, down the road, if I buy a Mazak mill I'm going to buy the programming system for it from you guys. Having your software absolutely influences this decision.

I'm happy with what I bought. I understand it so I don't see any point in having to learn another system. I've run a lot of different makes of machines and I don't like them nearly as much as I like my Mazak-especially when I run it with your software.

I've probably saved over one hundred (repeat order) programs on the computer. If I didn't have a way to save them I'd have to start deleting some of these programs.  Because of this we have definitely increased production. So much time is saved when we don't have to re-write a program. If I didn't have a system to store all of my programs I would have to hand-write them out on a piece of paper and then type it all back into the controller the next time I needed to run them. It all depends on the part, but it can take 1-3 hours for programming. If I pull three programs off of it in a week that would add up to 24 - 25 hours a month of time saved.


Jeff Creswell

CC Machine

(620) 624-5474


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