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SolutionWare Corporation

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Dear SolutionWare,

MazaCAM has given us the ability to program off-line and convert from machine to machine. These features make machining so much easier, and have enabled us to make our Mazaks more productive.

We constantly getting print revisions. Now, I can go in and make changes to one part of the program instead of having to change the whole program. You can make the cut a little bit deeper, change the speeds and feeds, pull a section out or add something else to the program--that helps a lot and is easy to do.

Before we had your software everything had to be punched in by hand. Production time suffered because of it. Programming some parts, especially if it's an extensive program, would take several days to get a good working program without your software. With your software I can verify the part by seeing what's going on before it ever gets to the machine. Then, I just put the program on a jump-drive, dump the program in, touch the tools off and go.

Now with MazaCAM I can write the programs while the machines are running the parts they need to run. This feature alone saves us a lot of time.

Actually I've had hardly any troubles at all. I have a couple of guys that are working on programming and there are a lot of good tutorials. So that helps, as far as me getting them "up to speed".

I feel like I can always contact "y' all" for assistance when I need to.


Mike Moffitt

Ace Mfg


For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.