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Got G-code?
Got Mazatrol?

Solutionware's MazaCAM gives you one programming system for both.

In a leading-edge approach to programming CNC machines, Solutionware's MazaCAM is one programming system for all your CNCs.

Solutionware's MazaCAM enhanced programming software streamlines programming and set-up by unifying all CNCs into a single system. Both Mazak's Mazatrol and regular G-code CNCs can all be programmed with SolutionWare's MazaCAM. This enables the programmer to create a program and test it, then output to whatever CNC machine is available -- instead of having to commit to one machine before programming is started. Further savings are recognized on repeat work: when the job comes back it can be easily placed on whatever CNC is available, not restricted to the one it was programmed for originally.

mazacam to mazatrol or g-code to mazaks and g-code machines

Once a program is written, MazaCAM can output to both Mazatrol and G-code machines, for example: Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak EIA, Yasnac, Okuma, etc. This means the CAD/CAM system can program virtually all existing CNC machines without having to re-program the part. The CAD/CAM system is compatible with the range of generations of Mazak controls from the earliest T2 to the Smooth and the Smart control. It supports M2, M32, M-Plus, Fusion 640M, up from T1, T2, T3, T32, T-Plus, Fusion 640T, 640MT, Fusion-Pro, Matrix, Smart and the Smooth controls.

With one system capable of programming all CNCs in the shop, the shop’s programming staff can simplify production and reduce confusion by not having to use different systems for different machines. A key benefit from using a single system is realized in reduced training time. Training is actually cut in half, compared to a shop that has to use two different programming methods for their different machines. Also, with MazaCAM there are no costly programming delays that are caused by having to wait and see which programming system must be used for a particular machine.

In MazaCAM, the user designs the part or loads a CAD file, then after defining the tools and cuts, the user can output to any standard G-code CNC or to Mazatrol for a Mazak.

Mark Magda of Flomatic Valve says the following about this system:

We have mills and lathes with G-code and Mazatrol, so we got MazaCAM implemented to go from one Mazak control to another, upgrading or downgrading, and converting from Mazatrol to G-code. This improved production because we don't have the ramp up time. We now have the opportunity to make Mazatrol programs or G-code programs. Today we had a machine go down and we just converted the program to another without having to think about the program.

For over thirty-five years, SolutionWare Corporation has been providing full-featured, easy-to-use CAD/CAM solutions to machine shops and plants the world over. In addition to the new MazaCAM, SolutionWare has developed GeoPath, Mill module, Lathe module, EDM module, Fabrication CAM, PowerCAM and Solid Verify.

For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.