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MazaCAM Programs New Smooth Control Offline for All Mazak Models

MazaCAM 4.5—Smooth Edition CAD/CAM software makes it possible for users to program all of their Mazaks offline, from the large machines to the smaller ones. The MazaCAM software handles offline programming for the new Smooth control (in addition to the earlier Mazak controls) for the Integrex series, e-Machine series, Multiplex, Quick Turn and Super Quick Turn series, and the Nexus series. Also, the software can program the broad range of horizontal and vertical machining centers. Users can program their Mazaks on the control or they can program their Mazaks completely offline in an office, without interrupting running machines.

Jon Perry, SolutionWare’s R and D Manager, says, “We are committed to making it possible for Mazak owners to program all of their machines offline using MazaCAM. In addition, our CAD/CAM software offers a single programming solution for all of the machines in a user’s shop so that we are one programming solution for all your machines. We offer manufacturers an unequaled programming flexibility.”

SolutionWare’s CAD/CAM software can program both Mazak CNCs and regular G-code CNCs. The software is capable of converting programs written on earlier controls to the newer controls or vice versa. Programs written for one machine can be converted to run on any other machine. And existing Mazatrol programs can be converted to G-code or backplotted to an editable CAD file. With one system capable of programming all of the CNCs in the shop, the shop’s programming staff can simplify production and reduce confusion by not having to use different systems for different machines.

MazaCAM is designed for users who have a variety of controls on the shop floor, both Mazatrol and G-code, and need software that integrates all of them with one powerful, yet easy-to-use system. The G-code that is output is not generic, but is specifically post-processed to be edit-free for all of a user’s different G-code controls. MazaCAM can output to both Mazatrol and G-code machines such as Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak EIA, Yasnac, Okuma OSP, etc. This means the software can program virtually all existing CNC machines in the shop without having to reprogram the part. MazaCAM CAD/CAM—Smooth Edition supports the broad line of Mazak controls from the early T1 to the modern Smooth controls – programming the Smooth-M, Smooth-T, Matrix, Fusion M-Pro and Integrex-Pro; including the Nexus, Integrex, e-Machine, Multiplex and Mazak’s broad spectrum of horizontal and vertical machining centers.

For over thirty years, SolutionWare Corporation has been providing full-featured, easy-to-use CAD/CAM solutions to machine shops and plants the world over. In addition to the MazaCAM 4.5−Smooth Edition, SolutionWare has developed GeoPath, PowerCAM Mill module, Lathe module, EDM module, Fabrication CAM, and Solid Verify.

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