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MazaCAM Allows Mazak CNC Users to Reuse Mazatrol 3D Programs

SolutionWare Corporation, the developer of technology that helps users of Mazak CNCs increase productivity and cut costs across Mazatrol control generations, introduces their latest development to enable users to re-use existing 3D Mazatrol programs on later control generations.

Re-editing 3D Mazatrol programs from a Mazak M2 to a Mazak Fusion-640M for years has been a time-intensive task. Mazaks have had the ability to make 3D surfacing in Mazatrol, as an extra-cost option purchased from Mazak in addition to the standard machine package. Having the prior 3D Mazatrol program and use it to help you reprogram on another control is better than having to start from scratch, but it is also unfortunate that these programs are not interchangeable with the newer controls or for that matter with older controls. 3D Mazatrol was a vanishing science… until now.

MazaCAM now has the ability to take 3D Mazatrol programs (for example Ruled-surface, Rotated-surface, Parallel-Surface, Normal-surface) and convert them between the Mazatrol controls; that is, MazaCAM can now convert a Mazak M2 3D Mazatrol program and convert it to a Mazak Fusion-640M control. This conversion also works from the Fusion-640M down to the M2 and between the M32 and M-Plus as well.

Test-sites report a 99% programming time savings, going from 3 days of work down to a few minutes.

Mazak shops using 3D Mazatrol can now ask themselves this question: Do we do it the short way, or do we do it the long way? They now have a choice.

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