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CAD/CAM System Works With Both Mazatrol, G-Code Machines

Developed for Mazak’s Matrix control, the MazaCAM 4.5—Matrix Edition CAD/CAM system can output to both Mazatrol and G-code machines. Users can convert Mazatrol to G-code or go directly to either format. According to manufacturer SolutionWare, this capability enables the software to program virtually all existing CNC machines, including those from manufacturers such as Fadal, Okuma and others, without having to reprogram the part.

The software enables users to write and edit programs offline during machine operation. To facilitate converting programs from one Mazak machine to another, even from older to newer models, the software is compatible with all generations of Mazak controls. According to the company, using the software as a single system to program all CNCs can simplify production and reduce both training time and programming delays.

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