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Manage and backup your Mazatrol programs

Store and Manage your Mazatrol programs on the computer. Access your files faster: spend less time looking for programs and more time programming new parts. Speed up your programming by selecting the files you need directly from the list and executing the appropriate function.

The MazaCam Folder-Commander gives programmers a master console for Mazak file management, editing, conversion and communications with Mazak controls.

  • Store your programs on the computer so the next time you need a program, it’s right there.

  • Back-up programs (and tool-data, parameters, etc.) in case something happens to the control memory or hard-drive.

  • Keep the programs on a server so all your programmers and the shop-floor staff can have a common place to store and find them. Use your shop’s standard procedures on them.

  • But if you can’t find your previous programs, they’re useless. So, MazaCAM gives you a lot of tools to sort and search, so you can keep track of your programs, sort them, search for part-numbers, have a folder for each job under each company, or however you desire.

The Folder Commander takes the ease of use to another level. It displays the detailed contents of all the Mazatrol files in a folder: Filename, Control type, Date & Time, Worknumber & internal name, Comments, etc. It makes it easy to manage your Mazatrol files on any drive folder, network drive, etc. Editing and communications is as simple as clicking a button.

MazaCAM Folder Comander


With MazaCAM Editor and Utilities Folder Commander, users can:

  • Sort the folder contents by Filename, Control type, Date, Worknumber, comments

  • Search the programs using the contents column (Worknumber and name)

  • Edit the existing programs

  • Create new Mazatrol programs

  • Communicate to and from the Mazak

  • Convert programs from one control to another

  • Print the programs

  • and much more...

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