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converting from the t32 to the matrix videoDo you want to run your earlier Mazatrol programs on your new Mazak machine-tools?

Recoup Programming Hours
Invested In Your Proven Programs

When you put a new CNC into your shop, one of the questions is “How long is it going to take to get up and running with this new machine?”  With your earlier CNCs, you usually have a large library of proven programs made over years of effort.  “The new machine will have more power, but how can we use those hundreds of existing, proven programs?”

Each Mazak control generation is programmed in a certain way or language, and every part takes time to manufacture.  A programmer deals with figuring out the right numbers (coordinates, tool sizes, feeds and speeds, etc), determining the optimum sequence of cuts, setting up the tools and much more. At the end of the day, getting a part programmed and running correctly on the CNC machine represents quite an investment in the programmer's time. Moving the program to a different control can mean the parts have to be programmed multiple times to run on other CNCs. But with MazaCAM, this can be easier.

MazaCAM software is an intelligent tool

You can convert your existing Mazatrol program from one generation to another whether old or new ― for example: take your existing T1 Mazatrol program and convert to a Smooth, or your T3 Integrex program and convert it to your Smooth e-Machine. This will reduce programming time, especially when dealing with old jobs that have to be run again. Instead of spending the time writing the program over and over for the new control, simply download it to MazaCAM, convert it to another control and send it back out. This helps in reducing errors as the operator or programmer does not have to enter the numbers on the machine.

Paul Herman of Rafter Equipment Corp. benefits from that feature: “Within a short time, I received the enhancement to our software. We were able to convert all of our programs in 2 days, saving us a considerable amount of programming time. It’s fast, easy and it works. Essentially, we went from programming at the machines, which would have taken us about three months, down to about three days of conversion time using MazaCAM."
― Paul Herman of Rafter Equipment Corp.

Convert between Mazak Controls including the Smooth and Quick Turn SmartWith one system capable of programming all the CNCs in your shop, the shop’s programming staff can simplify production and reduce confusion by not having to worry about which CNC they will run the program on.

You will have some things to learn about how to operate your new Mazak.  In the meantime, those new machines can be sitting idle until the guys are ready to program them. However, with MazaCAM, this does not need to be a consideration. While the programmers are getting trained in Mazatrol, they can still convert the programs to run on the new Mazaks.

MazaCAM EditorWhen it comes down to it, increasing profits and customer satisfaction are the number one objectives for every machine shop. Delivering on time plays a big part in customer satisfaction, and in return secures those happy customers who will come back for more business. MazaCAM's "convert between controls" feature is one of the key tools towards increasing the shop's productivity and profits

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