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Mazatrol is a great CNC language for a production shop. It is easy to learn, and it speeds up the process of programming and editing by using conversational programming. This gives the programmer a major advantage allowing him to write programs fast. It allows him to make changes on the floor. One can take an existing program and within minutes modify the program to accommodate engineering changes or dimension changes.

Tom Johnson at Johnson Machining Services in Ohio says, “I learned how to program my machine on Wednesday, I set up my machine on Thursday and on Friday I cut parts”.

Because of how easy and friendly Mazatrol is to program, Tom wanted to take his programming capability to another level. That’s when he searched the Internet and found the MazaCAM Editor and Utilities website, Now with the Editor he can program on his computer the same way he is used to programming at his machine. And, with the utilities he can manage all of his programs through his Network. The Utilities also come with sending and receiving capabilities. This means that you can save your programs in the computer and send them to the machine as needed.

Mazak's newest control is the Matrix. The MazaCAM Editor and Utilities can take older programs like the T2/M2, T/M32, T/M-plus, and Fusion control and convert them to the Matrix, even across the various machine-kinds this control is used on: the E-Machine, Integrex, and Nexus. The capabilities continue with the ability to take newer control programs and convert them to the older controls as well.

MazaCAM can also be adapted with a full functioning CAD/CAM system making MazaCAM a true CAD/CAM system for both Mazaks and G-code machines.

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