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Program Mazatrol Directly From Solidworks

SolutionWare Corporation in Silicon Valley has enhanced their product line to include MazaCAM CAD/CAM and Editor's ability to output Mazatrol programs directly from SolidWorks: this product is PowerCAM, the CNC programming assistant, which for many parts can reduce programming time typically by 75%.

This software module in conjunction with SolidWorks, programs parts drawn in SolidWorks or solid models imported as STEP, IGES, XT, PAR, etc. from other software. It outputs Mazatrol for both mills and lathes, including live-tooling for machines such as the Mazak Integrex Matrix or earlier controls.

The ability to take a Solid file with its feature data allows PowerCAM to designate tooling to make smart decisions in the form of pockets, drilling, tapping, etc., including tooling. These tools are selected from a predefined materials- and tools-library to include speeds, feeds, chip-load for various depths, and much more. The library is accessible to the user for customized materials and tooling.

PowerCAM was first introduced to the machining industry as a 2.5-axis milling programming system and has now been enhanced to include live-tooling lathe which includes programming the main and sub-spindle, and the Integrex B-axis. Machine-shops may now take in files from their customers, program them in PowerCAM and machine the part for example on the Integrex with typically 75% of the programming time reduced.

Mazatrol does not have to be a point-to-point programming system anymore: with PowerCAM, the points are calculated for you -- typically all you have to do is make sure it cuts it how you want, that the tooling is set correctly and sequences are in the order of your preference, and run it on the machine.

For over thirty years, SolutionWare Corporation has been providing full-featured, easy-to-use CAD/CAM solutions to machine shops and plants the world over. In addition to the new MazaCAM 4.5-Matrix Edition, SolutionWare has developed GeoPath, Mill module, Lathe module, EDM module, Fabrication CAM, PowerCAM and Solid Verify. For more information, call 408.249.1529 or toll-free 888.322.3226.

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For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.